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Who Are We?
The original Rotary Club in Missouri’s capital city, the Rotary Club of Jefferson City is a grassroots service organization that was established in 1918 by community leaders. The Rotary Club of Jefferson City was initially formed to raise money and establish a place for the youth of our community to gather. Today, our membership includes more than 100 civic-minded professional men and women, many of whom serve or have served in the highest professional capacities of their industries. Weekly meetings provide an enjoyable way to network and collectively plan and initiate significant contributions that promote the vision of Rotary locally and to needy areas of the world. We live by the motto “Service Above Self.”
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March 15 Rotary's Chicken Fundraiser Dinner

THANK YOU all for your service through Rotary to the community and internationally!

Save the Dates!
March 15, 2019 Chicken Dinner at Eagles Club.

For Tickets Contact James Klahr at (573) 694-1770

Benefiting Cole County Health Department, HALO, Council for Drug Free Youth & Jefferson City Downtown Rotary Club.

Thank you for your support!

April 20, 2019, All Clubs Food Fight with Jefferson City Rotary Clubs for the Salvation Army.

June 19, 2019, Club Picnic at Apple Creek Farm. Thank you Reid Millard.

What We Do
We meet weekly for fellowship to plan and carry out a variety of club, community and international service activities. Meetings are held Mondays at noon at the Miller Performing Arts Center and typically include a speaker of general interest to our members, such as prominent public and political figures, local elected officials and administrators, sports figures, authors, academics, or other leaders in a particular industry.
President Steve Crowells Announcements
I am glad to announce Governor Michael Parson has accepted honorary membership in our Rotary Club. Thank you Nick Monaco for your follow through with the Governor. We are working to schedule a time for an induction ceremony convenient with the Governor’s schedule and preferences, but as of now, the Governor is an Honorary Member of our Rotary Club.

Club Bylaws and Club Constitution Update: The Club Board, thorough the leadership of Steve Newman, has diligently been working to update our Club Bylaws, which will also lead to a revision of the Club Constitution. The updates are intended to more accurately reflect the current practices of the Club and to be consistent with Rotary International guidelines, particularly as they apply to the Club Constitution.

The Bylaws will need to be voted on by Club members. The date of the election regarding the proposed Bylaws will be at our Club Annual Meeting on December 3, 2018, at noon, at the Miller Center. At our November 5, 2018 Club meeting, Steve Newman will provide a brief overview of the proposed changes. I wanted to give you early notice of the work occurring on the Bylaws, seek your input and comments, and emphasize the importance of your attendance at the December 3rd Club Annual Meriting to vote on the proposed Bylaws. Call one of our members we have not seen for a while and invite them to any of our upcoming meetings, but certainly to the December 3, 2018 Club meeting. I have attached a “redlined” copy of the proposed Bylaws so you have an opportunity to review the proposed changes prior to Steve’s overview at the November 5, 2018 Club meeting.

Please note that our Regular Club meeting at noon on December 10, 2018 is canceled. We have scheduled the Club Christmas party for that same day, December 10, 2018 beginning at 6:00 PM. As a backup, only if needed, the Bylaws amendments will be taken up at the December 10, 2018 Christmas Party if a quorum does not appear at the Club meeting on Monday, December 3, 2018. I emphasize again the importance of attendance at the December 3, 2018 Annual Club Meeting.

World Polio Day: I would note that October 24, 2018 was World Polio day. We are looking at a polio related contribution from the Club later in the year as part of our fundraiser. This is a good opportunity to take time to reflect on the good you have achieved through Rotary in working to eradicate polio. The October issue of Rotarian Magazine has an excellent story regarding the Rotary polio eradication effort and progress (or check out this link: ).