Save the Dates!

October 14, 2019, No Meeting, Columbus Day

October 21, 2019, M.D.C. Forrester, Nick Sandie

October 28, 2019, Common Ground, Tina Mollenkamp

No Meetings, December 23, December 30, January 20th

Fifth Monday,Rotary will not meet on the 5th Monday of the Month (3/30, 5/25, and 6/29).

Share Rotary Opportunities

Student of the Month We have opportunities for volunteers to help with Student of the Month. Sharon Keating is the contact for Jefferson City High School and Alice Bartlett is the contact for Helias Catholic High School.

Program Ideas Please submit program ideas to Sam Phillips at

President Bernard Thompson Announcements

Please take care of your club dues We are finalizing our 2019-2020 budget.

Congratulations George Hartsfield, Paul Harris Fellow

Thank You Alice Bartlett and Sharon Keating for coordinating Student of the Month!

2019-20 Rotary Club of Jefferson City OFFICERS

President: Bernard Thompson

President-elect: Pam Henrickson

Vice President: Sam Philips

Treasurer: Brent Haas

Secretary: Christine Ellinger

Past President: Steve Crowell

Sgt.-at-Arms: President will appoint at beginning of new Rotary year

Who Are We?
The original Rotary Club in Missouri’s capital city, the Rotary Club of Jefferson City is a grassroots service organization that was established in 1918 by community leaders. The Rotary Club of Jefferson City was initially formed to raise money and establish a place for the youth of our community to gather. Today, our membership includes more than 100 civic-minded professional men and women, many of whom serve or have served in the highest professional capacities of their industries. Weekly meetings provide an enjoyable way to network and collectively plan and initiate significant contributions that promote the vision of Rotary locally and to needy areas of the world. We live by the motto “Service Above Self.”
What We Do
The original Rotary Club in Missouri’s capital, the Rotary Club of Jefferson City is a grassroots service organization that was established in 1918 by community leaders. Rotary is a global network of 1.2 million neighbors, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change. We meet weekly for fellowship to plan and carry out a variety of club, community and international service activities.

Meetings are held Mondays at noon at the Miller Performing Arts Center and typically include a speaker of general interest to our members, such as prominent public and political figures, local elected officials and administrators, sports figures, authors, academics, or other leaders in a particular industry.